About HVC

High Voltage Cheer is dedicated to building a highly competitive cheer program while generating a positive experience for all athletes. Our coaches are committed to providing a one-on-one experience with all of our students, leaving no athlete behind.

We have the leadership and experience in place to provide our athletes with precise skill sets to allow for growth in school and other extra-curricular programs. High Voltage Cheer is proud to be building true ambassadors for our communities.


Meet Our Coaches

Scott Weyrauch
Scott WeyrauchHead Coach & Co-owner
My name is Scott Weyrauch (Coach Scott) owner and head coach of our family owned High Voltage Cheer Business. I started gymnastics and was a teacher’s aide for Lee’s Summit High School from 1979-1983. I began gymnastics only to stay in shape for wrestling. I was a 4-year letterman varsity wrestler during my high School career. I joined the Army and attended basic training a as a Junior in High School in 1982. I then graduated high school in 1983 and completed my AIT training for the Army and was stationed at my Reserve Unit. I attended CMSU on an Army reimbursement scholarship, which is now UCM in Warrensburg Missouri. There I was introduced to my first exposure of cheerleading. I did not complete college, but was offered a job at DST where I have recently retired after 30 years with that company. I was offered a part-time position with Steppin Out the Studio as their acrobatics instructor in 1998. I was then offered another position as an assistant coach for their competitive cheerleading department. I worked for Steppin Out for over 13 years, and during my last 2 years was promoted as cheer director. In 2012 decided to branch out on my own and create High Voltage Cheer. I have been coaching for over 18 years and though trends come and go, the only thing that remains constant. Is, nothing is achieved unless you put the hard work behind it. Though I require discipline and hard work from each athlete, they know if they “WORK HARD”, we ‘PLAY HARD”. Personal interactions with each athlete is very important to me. I do now want athletes to feel that they are just a number. I want every athlete to achieve their own personal goals.
Jessica Weyrauch
Jessica WeyrauchLead Choreographer & Co-Owner
My name is Jessica Weyrauch and lead choreographer and part owner of our family owned business known as High Voltage Cheer. I was a competitive dancer and cheerleader for over 15 years where I attended Steppin Out the Studio in Lee’s Summit Missouri. I started there when I was 5 years old and completed my career at Steppin Out upon graduating high school at the age of 18. During my dancing career, I have attended many dance clinics, winning a multitude of awards and have competed all over the United States against some of the very best in the industry. I was honored to be asked to dance at the Odell Astaire awards in Ney York City in 2012. During my cheer career at Steppin Out I won a multitude of awards at a very young age. Was selected for the All-American UCA cheer team in 2008 and achieved many 1st place and overall awards for my jumps and best cheerleader solo events. I went on to dance at Northwest Missouri State for 2 years. During my time, there I attended the United Dance Association collegiate nationals in Orlando Florida. I have moved back closer to home where I can truly be a part of the family owned High Voltage Cheer business. During these past 2 years as lead choreographer have achieved receiving the most spirited coach award in 2016, and best choreography award for my Senior Level 2 team in 2017. I am a coach that takes pride in my work and my athletes. I know when to work and when to have some fun. Some may call me strict, but I push my athletes to where I know they can be. My main concern is that when being pushed that they all work safely and at an acceptable pace.
Hi, my name is Coach DJ. I danced competitively from 2007 to 2012 and achieved earning a multitude of scholarship throughout my career at Steppin Out the Studio. Some of these scholarships include a two-time triple threat scholarship (Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop) from New York City Dance Alliance. In addition, I was offered a scholarship to dance for Scott Jovovich from New York City Dance Alliance where I would study dance at his studio in Pennsylvania. I am best known to be highly energized. I set expectations to all cheerleaders, that they must have sharp motions, clean lines, and most of all to be sassy. I push each cheerleader to be their best on and off the mat. I do this while making personal connections with every athlete. I am well respected and will never allow my ego to step in the way of allowing an athlete to grow.